Saturday, November 12, 2011

Assignment #28 Before and After

I had all sorts of ideas for this prompt, but the week got away from me.
So here's what I've got.  We have a VERY small house and my son's room also doubles as the kid's playroom because it's on the main floor.  With all of the toys, crafts and games, it is understandable that it can get a little messy, but oh mylanta, I'm embarassed to show you what a pit it was this morning!  To those that know me well, this is not a surpise.   I wish I had inherited my mother's housekeeping skills, but sadly I did not.

And here's after straightening up with a "little" help from Miles this morning.  I know the after picture may be a before to some of you but, oh my goodness, it is an improvement.  Someday soon we need to get REALLY serious.

Did you get a chance to get any projects done this week?  Got a photo edit to share?  Any before/after will do!  Send them to  I'll be posting them tomorrow!


  1. Looks good. You have pretty cool room Miles
    Love Ammy

  2. That is quite the before shot, Sarah!! But definitely a great after shot!!! I totally agree that Miles has one of THE coolest rooms!!!