Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Assignment: Black and White

Oh my goodness, objects are hard.  I tried to pick things that I liked or meant something to me, but a lot of what I like about the things in my house are COLOR.  Did I capture emotion?  No.  The butter dish and bowl were a surprise from a friend so this picture does make ME happy.  I guess that's what matters.

I was trying to adjust the aperture so that the focus point would be smaller and the cups behind the owl cup would be blurred.  It didn't really turn out how I had pictured.  It is easier to play around when your subjects don't move, however.

And here I was trying to play with shadows.  I used white poster board to keep the background stark so you could see them in the background.

Conclusion:  Even though objects don't move, I find them much tougher to photograph.  I've got some work to do, but now I need to drink that coffee before it gets cold.


  1. Seriously motivating me girl! Love them.

  2. I think you should teach a camera class!!!