Saturday, April 30, 2011

Assignment #2

It's time for a new. . . .

Assignment #2: Nature/Outdoor shots (thanks for the suggestion, Kerry)  I think spring is finally here (knock on wood) so get outside and document it!  In keeping these first assignments pretty simple, you can photograph anything (people, objects). . .just make sure it's outside.  Any effect is also welcome, so get creative!

And THANK YOU so much to those who participated in the first assignment.  I think I learn the most by looking at other people's photos.  Y'all inspire me to try new things.  Here were some of my faves!  In no particular order. . .

From Sara:

From Kerry:

From Kelly: (sorry I couldn't figure out how to make it bigger without distorting it so I chose TWO).

Well done, my friends.  Well done!  If there is anyone out there that wants to play along, please do!  And feel free to add links/photos to old assignments.


  1. Sarah, I can't see the pictures :( They are a black box with a red "x" in the top left corner.

    I like assignment #2. Can't wait to get going!!

  2. Looking forward to it! After looking at your red pictures I was just thinking we could also do color weeks.