Saturday, May 28, 2011

angie + tim

This is one of my very dearest friends, Angela, and her equally lovely husband, Tim.  I attended a party with them last night and I snuck a few photos when I could.  These are two of the most beautiful, funny and camera shy people I know.  Angie will probably have a cow when she sees that I have posted these, but beauty like this is begging to be shared.  Besides, we're good enough friends that I can get away with it. ;)

This last one is completely unedited and without use of a flash.  The fireworks were powered by a complex combination of electricity, chemistry, and love.  It is also possible that strobe lights were involved.


  1. Beautiful shots! I love the second one and the last one is so cool!!

  2. More wonderful pictures! Were you hiding in the bushes to get that third picture? I wouldn't put it past you.