Sunday, May 22, 2011

Assignment #4 (DOORS) and New Assignment

And now for the Doors. . . 
From Irene: (Irene, who had a gorgeous baby girl on Friday!  These photos were taken in Greece when they were visiting family)

From Kelly:

From Sara: (how nice was that chicken to pose like that in the second photo??)

 From Amy: (who recently moved and still cannot locate her camera cord.  This is from her iPhone and that is her adorable little girl!)
Thank you all so much for sending your fabulous photos my way!  You guys are rocking these assignments.  A+
Assignment #4 is SIGNS!  I thought this would be appropriate due to the fact that I got my first speeding ticket this week.  I obviously need to pay more attention to the signs around me, huh?  Ughhh!!  Also, if you know anyone that would want to play. . .feel free to invite them.  The more the merrier here at the Stiles Files.

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