Sunday, June 19, 2011

Assignment #8 (PINK) and NEW ASSIGNMENT!

Three new participants this week!  Yay!!  I asked you to bring on the pink. . .  and you brought it!
I'm going to start posting these in alphabetical order (by first name) because I'm pretty organized* that way.  Since I have been practicing my ABC's with my kids, I'm pretty confident I got it right. 
(Did I say organized?  This is the second week I missed someone!  Please email me if you don't see your pics and give me a nudge.  I've got major mommy brain!)

From Amy:

From Christina: 

From Irene: (yep, that's Rihanna!)

 From Karen:

From Kelly:

From Kerry:

From Monika:

From Rena:

From Sara:

Love, love, love them!!  Thank you for all taking the time to send them my way and for sharing your talent!

And the next assignment is. . . (drumroll). . . Transportation!
I'm kicking myself for not getting out to the car show this weekend at the State Fairgrounds.  Did you go?  There have been some beautiful, old cars driving by my house.
Now go take pictures of things that "GO" and have a good week!


  1. This is bad news from a new joiner, but my camera has broken. Again. Sigh. So I will be searching through old pictures to try to find ones appropriate for the assignment. Kelly! I SO wish that I had the ability to highlight the pink color like you did. I love love love those kind of photos. And Sara, the Oliver in the pink house was perfect.

  2. Karen, You can hi-light the picture like that very easily! Makes her pic POP doesn't it?

  3. Free editing software. Come over and I'll give you a tutorial. It really is pretty easy.