Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Assignment #9 TRANSPORTATION: Part Three

Miles LOVES to ride his tricycle.  Today he rode up and down on the sidewalk in front of our house while I cheered him on.

And then he got a {little} distracted by the ants. 

And then he got COMPLETELY sidetracked.
This is exactly what happens with me and housework.
I totally get it, kid.


  1. Awesome!!! I recognize the tricycle ~ looks way better than I remember!!

  2. I also need to comment on your "someday maybe" photo with Arianna and Katerina! So perfect!! You should so do it, Sarah!!!!

  3. Oh, I SOOO get it, too. I can actually feel that analogy. Sarah, your pictures/blogs make me smile...thanks for the smiles!! Dee Dee