Sunday, July 17, 2011

Assignment #12 Self Portrait and New Assignment

Gorgeous faces {and feet}!  I'm so glad y'all stepped out from behind the camera and gave us a glimpse of YOU.  
*As always, check back for late, lost or forgotten photos.*

In alphabetical order. . .

From Amy: (Amy's two little cuties helped out with this one)

From Christina(click on her name for more of her pics at Flickr)

From Irene:

From Karen: (bottom toes are hers :)

From Kelly:

From Monika:

Beautiful ladies!  And, oh my, look at those fancy pedicures! 

This week's assignment is SHAPES.  It was inspired by the fact that I've been hunting for a missing piece of Miles and Stella's shapes puzzle for the better part of the evening.  
I will find you yet, Mr. Pentagon! And yes, I am shaking my fist. :)

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