Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Assignment #14 Motion {Part One}

Some quick shots of the kids frozen in motion.
Doesn't that second picture of Stella look like she's about to cross some sort of imaginary finish line?  It makes me smile. :)

And trampolines are usually a no-no for Miles, but we let him have a few supervised jumps.
Pretty good air for a kid who had a spinal fusion 8 months ago!

I'm going to try capture some more shots later with a longer shutter speed so that their movement is blurred.
I did this in class a few times when we were trying to make moving people/things on the bridge disappear.  Here is a horse drown carriage that didn't quite disappear, but you can see the blur of movement so I thought I would add it here.

And here is one of my favorite shots from the Bosu Family Session.  
Look at that form! Go, Anisse, go!

Crazy Days of Summer
Linking up to Crazy Days of Summer for this one.  Check out Kristi's awesome blog for some cool tips on spinning and panning your subject.  I totally want to try them out.


  1. Great shots I love the one of the little girl running.

  2. Those last two shots are awesome. Love that!

  3. I love the last two shots too! :)
    Thanks for joining Alicia and I in the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge. I hope you'll join us again on Friday when we move on to our new theme, bubbles. Have a great day!