Friday, August 12, 2011

Brenna: Part Three

Remember my friend's beautiful daughter Brenna?  We took some pictures (potential senior portraits) awhile ago.  You can see them here and here.
Last night our photo instructor from the class we took this summer let us shoot at his studio.  We actually never ended up in the studio because there were too many cool scenes outside and around the building to try out.  He even let us use some of his lenses.  I had access to lenses I'll never be able to afford and guess what happened. . . I had to switch back to my own lens!  I felt like I was committing a sin, but they were so heavy and new to me!  I was having camera shake issues so I switched back to what I was comfortable with.  If we get the opportunity again I'm going to try and be less of a chicken and snatch that opportunity up!  All in all it was a wonderful experience.  And it sounds like we might go back and do some more!  WooHoo!

Here were some of my favorites. . .   We started to lose steam after this outfit, but I have a few more to share so stay tuned. .  . :)

And a couple of outtakes that I love. . .
brenna collage

Thank you so much to Kelly and Brenna for letting me share this experience!

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  1. Sarah, these turned out great! I really like 7, 9, 10 and 11 and the last set of 3!! You had so much better luck with her smiling. Can't wait to see the rest!!