Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I was out of town this week and thought I would probably have to skip Scavenger Hunt Sunday again, but I looked through my photos that I took and found some that worked (sort of)!

1.  Seeing Double/Two:  I caught Stella's reflection in the lawn ornament at my parent's house.  I love this girl, but two of her would be a. night. mare.  I get goosebumps (actually hives) just thinking about it. ;)

2. Whatever:  I interpreted this as a wild card, but thought a cat would be appropriate because they seem to have a smart ass nonchalant, whatever attitude.  This is my friend's cat, Alice, who seems to be saying "You can stop being annoying whenever you find it convenient."

And who needs texture when you have a window screen??

3. Sweet:  I went this route because I usually eat my sweets really quickly in a dark corner with a side dish of shame. I don't even think to capture them first. Instead I caught two friends having a SWEET moment.

4. Space:  I took this photo because I thought it was interesting how the birds had spaced themselves on the wire.  Do they have cliques?  Harry Potter vs. Captain America? Right-wing vs. left-wing?

5. Bright:  We went to the circus this week and had lots of bright photos to choose from.  This woman was the queen of hula hoops and in my opinion stole the show.  Well, the first part of the show.  The second part of the show was stolen by my children who necessitated an early exit. We only made it to intermission.  Ack!

Now go check out Ashley's awesome blog and play along.  I'm off to go look at everyone's amazing photos. . .


  1. Your commentary has me cracking up. Too funny. And how gorgeous is that hula hoop girl?! I love the first shot and space - birds on a line gets me every time. and no, I don't rhyme on purpose but I'm a totally cool because of it (right? maybe not?)

  2. So glad you were able to make your photos fit this week - I really like your kitty shot!

  3. these are great. I especially love the first two...can't help but love a cat with attitude.

  4. Ok. Your photos are awesome. Your commentary, priceless.

  5. Great set!! Love your seeing double shot and the puppy shot IS sweet!

  6. These are all great! Love space, sweet, and bright. Whatever cracked me up. Don't most cats have that look on their faces? :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!