Monday, September 5, 2011

Assignment #18 and New Assignment

Ack!  Sorry for the delayed post.  I waited until late last night and my computer was acting up.  It might have had something to do with the fact that I had downloaded a zillion more photos onto my computer.  I have a feeling you ladies understand that dilemma.
This week was light and you guys were so creative.  From the sun, to stained glass windows to glow sticks. . .so cool!  Thank you for inspiring me week after week.  There are a couple more coming so check back for late, lost or forgotten pictures.

In alphabetical order. . .

Amy: (this is in a dark bathroom with her two year old and glow sticks.)








 Sara: (these were from her cell phone!  Dude, I want her cell phone. . .)

And the new assignment is popping up all over the place on photo challenges over the net. . . Back to School.  I thought I'd have us join in.  My kids don't start until next week, but I'm sure I can come up with something.  I know you can, too!

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