Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brenna: Part Five {Piano}

Brenna loves music and has played the piano since she was a little girl, so we decided to try for another {potential senior} picture with a little bit of piano in the background.  We went to a music store and found a gorgeous piano for her.  Only problem?  The lighting was TERRIBLE and the walls were mustard yellow.  I tried adjusting my white balance to every single setting, I tried adjusting my exposure as much as I could, I tried using both the external and built-in flash, I tried not using the flash, and her mom (my friend Kelly) was even using the reflector to block some of the obnoxious lights.  This is definitely a situation where my inexperience came into play.    
I tried removing some of the yellow, messed with exposure and brightness in post processing, but they still look a little wonky.  So I opted for black and white.
These are two of the top contenders. . .

and hese are just some silly ones. . .

And wowzers, that girl can really play!
Brenna, thanks for putting up with the crazy camera lady for another session! I am learning a lot and appreciate having such a patient and photogenic subject. Our next one is scheduled for tonight OUTSIDE, thank goodness. 


  1. They are all BEAUTIFUL! I love the silly ones, especially the GLEE book ones.

  2. Beautiful!!! I love the second and the last one. Something about hands...
    Thank you for voting ;)

  3. Good job Sarah. I think black and white with a piano is the right choice regardless.