Monday, October 3, 2011

Assignment #22 Fall Colors and New Assignment

I love you fall, but you are much too short.  I will forgive you, though, because you are so pretty and bursting with color and you promise to come back again next year.  In the meantime, look at these lovely memories...

As always check back for late, lost, or forgotten photos.







Sara: Please note.  She is wearing Fall colors and she has just FALLen into the cold puddle. :)

So lovely!!
Now I feel like making some apple cider! :)
 If you didn't have time to get your fall colors in, send them to  Or, if things aren't colorful in your neighborhood yet, never fear!  We will do a Fall Colors Pt2 later in October.
This week's assignment is: Animals!  If you send me a picture of your children, I will totally understand.

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