Monday, October 10, 2011

Assignment #23 Animals and New Assignment

Late again!  Ack!  I would love to say it will never happen again, but I'm pretty sure it will.  If Donald Trump were here, I'm guessing he'd be yelling those two infamous little words at me. Thankfully, he's not here and thankfully, you came through with some wonderful animal photos!  So while I struggle with the guilt, here are your fabulous pics!  
As always, check back for late, lost or forgotten pictures!


Christina: (Be sure to click on her name to see some more of Christina's animal photos on Flickr.  And check out her other awesome photos while you're there!)





Cockadoodledoo, you did it again! Bravo ladies!
Next week's assignment is SHADOWS.  And a little reminder that we will be doing Fall Colors Pt 2 the following week so keep snapping those, too!

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