Tuesday, December 6, 2011

E's Baptism

This past Saturday, I photographed my friend's youngest daughter's baptism.  They are Greek Orthodox, and the ceremony was absolutely amazing; steeped in tradition and full of meaning.  

Here are a smattering of photos from this amazing event.  So blessed to be a part of it.
Thank you so much for letting me photograph such a special event.  It was an honor to witness such a beautiful ceremony.
  And to Kelly, my partner in crime that day, thank you, thank you for all of your help!


  1. Wow. Those are amazing. You have to show me sometime how to take great photos in dark settings. Maybe I just need a more gutsy camera or a better flash???

  2. Thank you, Erinn. I used an external flash and bumped up my ISO. I was really nervous about the lighting.

  3. Beautiful as always Sarah!!! And Irene your family is gorgeous. Sorry I have fallen off the picture blog wagon. The damn camera broke again and I have been staying later at the gym and falling asleep earlier. I will try harder!!

  4. Oh, Sarah, that picture of the baby with the hat on!! You can really see the person behind those eyes in that picture. What a treasure!! DD