Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Miles has been at home all week not feeling well.  He is really missing school this week.  Oh Mylanta, I am really missing school this week, too. Is that bad?  
He is on the mend, thank goodness.
Now he is bored.
Today he told me he wanted to make necklaces, build towers, and fingerpaint.  I obliged because I'm cool like that...
...and because I'm bored, too. :)


  1. We were doing the exact same thing today with the exact same paints!! Great pictures!!

    1. Thanks for taking a pic of that paint. I need to check that stuff out. Love the color!

  2. Hope you're feeling all better now, Miles! I MISS you guys (and your mommy and daddy, too, of course). Let me know if any night this week works for a little visit. x0x0x0 Auntie Lulu