Tuesday, April 17, 2012

16/52 Perspective

I have tons of photos of my children smiling into the camera.  I love their big, beautiful grins, but I often am more drawn to photos of them taken from a different perspective.  When I get in a rut I always try to change my angle by going high, low or grab my camera when they're not looking.  When I do this, I sometimes catch little details I would have missed otherwise.  And really, it's those details I don't want to forget.
Here were a few from today after Miles got home from school.

also linking this one up for prompt 6 on the Photo A Day Mom Challenge: Interesting View Point.  I heard all about it over here.
Inspired by Family Magazine


  1. OMgoodness. LOVE these perspectives, every single one! I'm on my way to check out this challenge... sounds super fun! Thanks mama!

  2. I looooooooooooove these pictures!! Oh my gosh, totally just inspired me to work from new perspectives. :)

  3. love that first photo! so happy you are joining us for the mommy moments challenge! Can't wait to see all 12 of your entries!

  4. Hey lady! So glad I saw this challenge... thanks to you!

    Quick question... We add each of our 12 pics in the same link...?