Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flip-Flop Photo Edit Challenge

Thank you so much, Amy!
Flip flop challenge winner
Another fun editing challenge can be found here.
Flip Flop Photo Edit Challenge
Stella is napping and I just couldn't reist this lil' cutie.  Here is the original photo by Amy Lillian.  Those little curls are killing me!!
And here is my edit!  I guess I'm having a black and white kind of week!

Took it into lightroom and converted it to a black and white with a preset called Caramel by My Four Hens.  Tweaked the levels by increasing the blacks and decreasing the contrast.  Used the brush tool to sharpen his eyes up.  I did lose a little detail when I cropped in close and straightened, so that sharpening really helped.  Then, I brought into Pickmonkey to resize and add a watermark.
That's it!
Now go check out Amy's cool blog and play along!!


  1. Just GORGEOUS! LOVE your B&W edit!!

  2. Oh Sarah! :) Thank YOU for joining in! SO GLAD you did! Your edit is just GORGEOUS! ... the clarity... the tone of the B&w is just perfect!

  3. Aww, thanks Amy!! I've been meaning to for awhile! Thanks for starting a fun challenge!!

  4. Stunning edit, Sarah!! The way you were able to make the eyes pop in a b/w shot is just......WOW!!!!