Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mommy Moments: Photo A Day, Flip Flop and The Paper Mama!

Tomorrow is the last day for this fun challenge so I wanted to get my last pictures posted!  I finished the challenge.  Not in order or in a timely mater, mind you, but I did it! Whew!  Now go check out all of the amazing entries. . .
Inspired by Family Magazine
1. Where/What I Spend My Day.  {Umm does Target count?  We are frequent visitors and it looks like Stella's eyeing up a new pair of galoshes.}

5. Just Can't Get Enough {of the time when she is NOT demanding something or torturing her brother.} :)
Also linking this one up to The Paper Mama's awesome Photo Challenge.  This week the theme is pink! Go Check it out and play along!
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

8.Makes you go Hmmm?/ or Yumm! {Miles enjoying his favorite fruit on a warm spring afternoon.  Definite YUMM!}

12.  Thankful/Blessed {that I'm not doing it alone with these crazy kids.} ;)

And before I forget, I think you should head on over here (Amy's fun blog, Little Adventures) and try out your editing skills!  It's a fairly new challenge and I'm the guest judge.
Flip Flop Photo Edit  Challenge
For those of you that know me well, you know what a tough time I'm going to have in picking a favorite!  Go play along and make it harder on me! :)


  1. Awww! Double Awwwww!!! I want to take pic like you when I grow up Sarah. Seriously these are just magical. I know this sounds all cheezy, but at least to me... capturing a wonderful photo is all about the feeling, the momtent, the character... & you always capture SO much of it all!

    I heart Sarah Hudson's photography.) XO

    If I don't get another chance to tell you... HAPPPPPPY Mama's day to you friend! You truly are one RAD mama! Hope you get spoiled rotten this weekend!

    P/S that last pic is super sweet & LOVE the angle)

  2. P/S did you actually enter all 12 pics? Urgggg! I only had 9! Forgot it ended today) Do you know if you can still compete if you don't have all 12?


  3. OK, I think I gushed enough on your About Me page the very first time I came to your site but...eek, I love you! Your captions crack me up. And the photos are lovely - I can't choose a favorite, but if I had to pick, it might be a two way tie between the Target photo (wahhh! I miss Target!) or the watermelon pic because both of their expressions are just awesome. I tried to keep up with the challenge but kept forgetting - I think I got 5 in. Pathetic! haha! Great job ladybug. xoxo

  4. Great shots!
    The one of Stella is gorgeous. Love the moments when they look like they are concentrating and focused on something.

  5. Fantastic photos! Love the Target shot!! Smart girl you have. I participated in the Mama photo challenge too. It was a ton of fun!

  6. Awww...your kiddos are adorable! I really love your 'pink' entry...that faraway gaze is priceless <3

  7. These are all such sweet shots! Love the one of them in the carriage; too funny!

  8. really cool you know. They should know by now that they weh brought up in a good and caring family