Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Fitness Queen

This is Natalie.  She is super fun and spunky and ready to help you meet your fitness and wellness needs.  She defies gravity like Glinda the Good Witch, minus the witch part. If you're in the Twin Cities and want to get in shape, here's her contact information. . .

Natalie Lepkowski

Master Trainer & Pilates Instructor
Manager of Corporate Clientele

I thought she was going to have me drop and give her 20 a couple of times during this session! While some of her poses made me hurt just by watching, I have no doubt that she will help you get in shape with a smile!
Check on top for her info!


  1. Oh I love all the shots. My Mom can do a few of those poses... yes MY MOM {she's 67}. Crazy woman... I wish I was like her!

  2. Wow..that's pretty impressive. I like the fire truck one!

  3. THESE ARE AWESOME! She is beautiful, & I just decided (thank to her) on not pigging out on ice cream before bed. I'm not happy now... but will thank you later! Lol)

    LOVE the rich colors, & her poses are killer. Great job my friend!!

  4. Great photos - love the low ones of her in those balance stances. my gosh, will i ever be that fit? mmm....nah. but i love people that are!

  5. Oh my gosh, is she a little flexible!? Great shots!

  6. WOW, sign me up! She looks FIERCE! LOVE these.. Awesome poses and great angle shots.. YOU did an amazing job..;))) Off to toss my lunch out the window.. lollol!! Wishing you a beautiful day.. xo.. M

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