Monday, July 30, 2012

The R-S Family

Well, after 3+ weeks, I finally got my camera back!  I danced all the way to the camera shop!!  WooHoo!
Last night I finally got a chance to put her to good use.  I met with the Beautiful R Family at their home and we gave my camera quite a work out with an overload of cuteness!  I know this lovely family from an old ECFE class and they are absolutely the SWEETEST! 
I'll probably throw a few more up soon, but I could wait to share some with their momma! xo


  1. LOVE!!! I'm so happy you have your camera back :) Those shots of big brother kissing little sister are precious! Their mama is going to be so happy with these! You are ridiculously amazing with that camera in hand (well, amazing without it too, but ESPECIALLY so with a camera ;) and I get so excited every time you post pictures. Love love love it, girl!! xoxo

  2. Those are just awesome! So glad you got your camera back, I've been missing you!!

  3. Thank you, Kristal! Now I have to get caught up on your 365 project!!