Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 {photos of your kiddos} of 2012

Oh, it's been so long since I've linked up to another blog!  I definitely have been absent on blogger this fall/winter, but hope to get back into it because I love following along AND playing along.  Today I'm linking up to three of my old faves.  If you haven't. . .go check them out!
It's always so tough to go through and pick favorites, but these made the cut. ;)  If you want to play along go pick out your top 12 and write why you like/chose them.  You can find all the rules in the above links!

1. My little mermaid.  I've seen bath shots a million times, but I really wanted to get one of Stella because while Miles absolutely HATES getting his hair wet/washed, Stella loves it.  She could sway her head back and forth in the bath for an hour.  She always looks so relaxed.  Heck, in the winter months. . . we take baths for fun around here!

2. Joy on steps.
Happy kids=happy momma.

3. Lopsided, but full. The heart on the sidewalk.  Me.
A day with my girl while Miles was at school.  Chalk drawings and flower picking.  It was so fun.

4.  Chocolate face.  I think he just finished a chocolate, ice-cream bar.  He was pretty pleased about it, too.  I love the senior photo pose with chocolate moustache look. ;0

5. Sun on the Sidewalk.  This feels like childhood to me.

6. The Christmas Snuggle.  This one really makes me laugh.  I had just picked up the camera and told the kids to lay/sit in front of the tree so I could get a picture.  I hadn't even gotten my settings right.  If I remember right my shutter speed was really low because I hadn't jacked up my ISO yet.  Before I could get it all straight, Stella leaned over and smelled Miles.  Yep, she wasn't snuggling at all.  She tells us he smells like pudding.  This is a running joke because she tells us we all smell like pudding.  I guess there could be worse things to smell like.  I added a grain to mask my camera shake.  It was too cute of a shot not to use. :)

7. Rainbow in the snow.  I really like the contrast of the dreary winter day and her bright jacket and rainbow pants.  I love that the snow is in focus and that she is not. 
This girl loves the snow!  Wish I did. :)

8. Penny for your thoughts.  My boy.  He keeps me on my toes, but I love him and his soulful eyes more than than all the stars in the sky.

9. Stella doing macro.  Another day with my little lady while Miles was at school.  We did a photowalk and she used an old point and shoot that we had laying around.  I can't tell you how happy it made me that she enjoyed taking pictures with me.  

10.  Grimy Garden boy.  A fun memory of Miles planting in the garden with his dad swiming in our kiddie pool.  He was filthy and didn't care!

11.  Thoughtful.  Okay, I know this is technically not a great photo.  I should have had extra space to her other side where she is looking or I could have cropped it all together, but I'm lazy.  This is how I took it.  I wanted the door to the garge in there because my kids both sat on that little step all. the. time. We moved this fall and I'm gonna miss that little spot.

12. Over it.  I just took this one on Christmas Eve day.  I call this his "done with pictures" face.  Both of my kids are pretty good sports about taking pictures so I try not push it when they're not into it.  I quickly put the camera away after this.  Oy!

Off to go check out all the other fabulous entries and gorgeous kiddos! 
Thank you so much for looking!


  1. Those are all fabulous pictures and I love the stories they tell.... the bath one brought back memories of myself enjoying swishing my hair in the bath water! My girls love this too!

  2. Oh, I love the sun on the sidewalk! Gorgeous use of light!!

  3. Love the first shot, just beautiful. Goodness, that last shot made me giggle, what a face!

  4. These are amazing! Love the bath shot, the glasses, and that amazing light in the sidewalk image. Beautiful!

  5. These are AWESOME- my fave has got to be that little budding photog. So adorable!

  6. I absolutely ADORE these photos....gahhhh you make me jealous! (but mostly happy and SO proud of you and your awesome skills! haha) My two faves are the bath picture (cannot wait to try that angle with Cruz!!) and Stella and the snowflakes. So so so fantastic!! xo

  7. So many great shots! Love the bath shot, and that chocolate face, the light in the sidewalk shot is FANTASTIC, the rainbow in the snow is such a great pop of colour, and the Christmas Snuggle backstory is a riot!

  8. Sarah these are wonderful! Makes me wish I lived closer to my nieces and nephew! The cats are only sooo cute! I really loved the first 3 and then #11. I think #11 gives it some mystery! I also love the story with the Xmas tree one! Totally thought she was snuggling! :)