Sunday, May 15, 2011

Assignment #4 (DOORS)

It was a gorgeous day, so the kids and I took a walk in search of doors.  I found plenty of beautiful old front doors, but I wasn't sure if I should just snap them or go knock on the door and ask first.  Both options seemed a bit intrusive.  So until I get my courage up and practice my "I'm really not creepy, but I'd like to take pictures of your front door" speech, I stuck to churches, public buildings, and structures whose aviary residents can't call the cops.   :)
What about you?  Do you just take a picture and hope nobody notices or do you knock on the door and ask? 
Hmmm... now I've gotta go work on my knock-knock jokes!


  1. Oh I love the red door Sarah!!! See, that's another reason I love my zoom; you can stand far enough away and totally fake like you are snapping something else ;-)

  2. haha! Good tip, Julie! Must. get. zoom. lens. :)

  3. Wow!!! Sarah your door shots are fantastic!! Exactly what I was envisioning with a "doors" assignment.