Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Here is my picture for Week 2 of the My Four Hens Photography weekly themes.  Our prompt was "life".  I was intially trying to come up with something deep and meaningful, but that level of thinking made my head hurt so I put it out of my brain for awhile. Then this morning when my kids were jumping all over my clean laundry, (yes, I realize I was inviting disaster by leaving it all over the floor, but it was a lovely folded pile) I grabbed my camera because I thought it was cute.  Unfortunately, the vaccum was in the way.  This would be the same vaccum that would be sitting in the middle of our living room since yesterday.  Since I never really ever finish vaccuming, the point of putting it away eludes me. Anyways, I was about to move it out of the picture when I thought. . . who am I fooling?  This IS my life. Disorganized?  Check.  Unfinished chores? Check.  Kids acting like animals? Check and check.
And you know what?  I can't say I love every single moment of it, but I can say three things with certainty.
1.  I love my kids
2. Even with all of the craziness, I know that I am blessed.
3.  My house is now, and probably always will be, still a mess.


  1. awesome picture! That's my life too.

  2. And Sara, you're one of the people that has made me feel at peace with all of the above. <3

  3. Perfect photo of life. Life is truth. Truth is life. I was so embarrassed the other day when my out of town (and single) friend came and I hadn't put away my vacuum. Why do I let the mess (which I call "holy crap") bother me? I love that photo and you should get some $ from Dyson for it. LOL

  4. I love it!!! I wish I could be more like you and not go crazy when something is out of place! Life would so much less stressful!! And I was just thinking, nice Dyson (sooo jealous)!!

  5. This is my life too Sarah...except that the pile of clothes on my floor has yet to be washed. =^..^=