Sunday, January 22, 2012

Assignment #37 Black & White and New Assignment

This week's assignment was Black and White.  Don't you just love black and white photos?  It's funny what removing color can do to a shot.  I love how it can add drama or make a plain/grainy/blurry photo look artsy.  And I especially love YOUR black and white photos!  Absolutely gorgeous!  I threw mine on the end, too. 

As always check back for late entries!  You can send them to  And remember I'm posting up to three from each person this week!

In alphabetical order. . . 





Paul: (Thanks for joining up with us, Paul!  He lives in Ohio and is my BIL's Nephew-In-Law.  My long lost relative! :)


Sarah: (me)

Next week's assignment is  Imperfection.  It's actually the theme this week for my 52 Weekly Photography Assignment, but I thought it was such a cool prompt, we could do it too.  Imperfections in your life or your photographs--let's  embrace them!  I don't know about you, but I pretty much rock imperfect!  So, keep it real and send me your two of your "imperfect" photos.  :)


  1. How do I get involved in the the assignments? I'm a little scared because everyone is soooo good..Thanks

    1. Denise! You can just send your photos to my email address each week. I *try* and post by Sunday night, but you can send at any time before then. Even if they're late, I put them in when I get them. I started these assignments for myself and couple of my friends to get motivated to pull out our camera. They are totally for fun/no pressure. I would be absolutely thrilled if you joined us!! The assignment this week is Imperfection. :)

  2. I really enjoyed all the entries this week!
    My fav's (in no particular order)
    -I really like the detail in the wooden bridge.
    -Loved the feet in the water on the beach.
    -The dolphin looks like it is free floating in air.
    -The train looks like a vintage shot from World War 1.
    -Footprints in the snow (great contrast).
    -The hooded man (great facial expression).
    IMO...I always love a b/w close up of any face (especially if it is a kid)!

    I had a lot of fun sending my photos in as a newbie. I kept checking the blog to see if the photos were up. I am definitely hooked!
    Having trouble with the next assignment though.