Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Road to Maxwell

Just a few snaps of my adorable Godson.  I think he is the bee's knees.  
 I also snuck in a few shots that I took out the window on the way to see him.  

And just a reminder that I will be posting your Mealtime photos later tonight.  If you haven't sent them and want to, DO IT!!! :)  (


  1. I know exactly when you took those photos! I peeked out the window that morning, threw my clothes on, grabbed my camera and played with the frost as well. Too bad the sky was so dreary, huh? Cute photo with the ball. We need to talk editing some day.

  2. These frost shots are so awesome!! Erinn, I did the same but went out in my pj's! (I am that crazy neighbor!!)