Thursday, April 26, 2012

A and N Sneak Peek

This is Ashley and Nick and they are getting married.  Ashley is my super beautiful and smart cousin who I used to babysit.  BABYSIT!  And now she's all grown up.  These are not their official engagement photos.  She just wanted to get one quick shot of her and Nick holding the signs she bedazzled, but I made them take a few more.  Sorry guys!  
I am so excited for you two!!!


  1. I love these photos!! The second one is my fave, so awesome! Good for you for making them take a few more photos.. i'm sure they're thankful now that they did! :)

  2. SO CUTE! You did an awesome job! Engagement photos are some of my favorites! You can be so creative (without having to catch the attention of wondering kiddo eyes!)