Monday, April 30, 2012

Assignment #49 Soft and New Assignment

Sorry for posting late!  Stella was out cold by 6:30pm last night.  I thought I got lucky, but I was mistaken.  She was up at 10pm ready to party!  So we partied and I fell asleep in her bed at 10:30 for the night with my clothes on.  Oh well, I had one less thing to do this morning. ;)
How was your weekend?   We were out of town celebrating my mom's birthday and I got my first TURKEY yesterday.  For those of you not in the bowling know, that's THREE STRIKES IN A ROW!  For someone who rarely breaks 100, this was a major feat and one I will tell everyone who will listen.  Gobble, gobble, gobble!

I'll stop babbling and post your AWESOME soft shots!  Here's what I've got so far, but be sure to check back for more entries!!


Melanie (Thanks for joining in Melanie!  Check out her awesome bloggy right HERE.)

Sara (oh my, some of my favorite colors!)

Sarah (me!)
(I had to make Jeff stop and get us soft serve ice cream yesterday so I could get this shot.  Oh the sacrifices I make to get a photo;).)

If you still have any "soft" shots and want to send them in--Please do!  If you have a blog, give me the address so I can link you up!

The new assignment this week is a Wild Card.  Just send me three of your favorite shots (from this week only).
Happy Monday!!


  1. What beautiful soft entries! I want to cuddle up w/ each of them... especially your soft serve Sarah!Lol)

    Wahooo on your turkey, that is awesome girl! At first I though you went "turkey hunting, " I was happy to find out what ya meant! hahaa)

    LOVE your blog mama!

  2. Sweet soft photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think it's called a texture, but hey, I'm new to this so if it's an ovelay, so be it!