Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photo Walk

After we dropped Miles off at school this afternoon, Stella and I headed out for a photo walk.  My kids both love using my old point and shoot around the house, so today we tried it outside.  She did great!  It took us about 30 minutes to get around the block, though.  She took pictures of EVERYTHING!  Ants, bird poop, leaves, rocks, some unfortunate angles of my back side (that I quickly deleted.)  It was pretty cute, I must say.  
Here are a few of mine. . . 

. . .and here are some of Stella's fabulous shots. I would say about 50% of them have her finger covering half of the photo. LOL
Pretty good, huh?  Once she gets the hang of lightroom, I might be in trouble. ;)

Also linking up to Mommy Moments #2) Put A Smile On My Face 'cause taking pictures with my kids definitely makes me smile!

Inspired by Family Magazine


  1. That's such a great idea! You got some adorable action shots of Stella.

  2. haha! awesome shots - by both of you! my girl has been asking for her own camera (just asked again yesterday!) and i was thinking of doing a cheap P&S versus a toy camera but was told that was a crazy idea for a 3 year old. happy to see your post this morning. gave me just the push i needed to go for it! lovely post - thanks for sharing!

  3. GREAT shots! Yours and Stella's!!!

  4. Your photos and editing style constantly inspire me!