Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Great Exchange

I'm falling a little behind on posting for this fun challenge.  Click here to check out the deets!
Inspired by Family Magazine
We live in a very small house so I have taken to storing some of the kid toys away so I feel slightly less overwhelmed with STUFF EVERYWHERE.  We recently pulled off the ol' switcheroo and took out some of the old toys and put some of our current toys in storage.  Holy Moly!  Who told me to do this?  I can't remember, but I wanna give 'em a big old hug!  It was like Christmas morning in our house!  The kids were entertained for hours with their "new" finds.  Busy kids=happy momma!    
Here is Miles having fun with a new/old toy and I'm linking it up for prompt #3-Depth of field.
p.s.  There is still stuff everywhere.  That should work well for prompt #7-Messy Moments. :)

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  1. Ahhh... Miles is such a great name! Lol... we have that EXACT little wormy guy toy! That is the BEST toy idea... I'm totally going to try it! LOVELY shots, as always mama! LOve the focus on the last one!

    Have you been trying Pic Monkey. I actually really like it! Not looking forward to when you have to pay$$ for their premium features.)