Monday, April 16, 2012

New Blog Design

Oh my goodness, I am super excited about my new look and it's all thanks to
Branson over at My Reflection Of Something.
My Reflection of Something

I recently stumbled across Edit Me which is a really awesome photo editing blog hosted by some lovely ladies, Branson (see above) and Stephanie from Behind The Camera and Dreaming. Each week they present a new photo for people to edit.  Each week the person who took that photo picks their top three favorite edits. It's really fun because not only do you get a little practice editing a photo, but you can hop on over and see everyone else's edits. That's the part that blows me away.  Every week that I have participated I have learned something new by the information that fellow participants have shared.  People are using textures and putting in new backgrounds and all sorts of crazy things all. the. time.  It's awesome and totally inspires me to learn more!  Someday. :)
The exciting part?  I won one of the challenges and there was a prize involved!  A prize!  I never win prizes.  I hate to sound like a glass half-empty kind of gal, but I don't have the best luck in all the land.  Right Mom?
So anyways, I won a prize and it was an awesome new blog design!!  Branson is a super talented lady and does blog designs on the side (when time permits.)  She also works with different organizations/charities to give the money she makes  to a really wonderful cause.
Right now she is working with Reece's Rainbow.  Click the link to find out more!

So thank you, thank you, thank you, Branson for all of your work on this!  You were so fun and easy to work with and I adore my new blog makeover!  YAY!
I almost wrote, "thank you, Branson", but I didn't want to creep her out by writing her name on my sidewalk. ;)


  1. LOOOOOVE your new design! Branson did an amazing job, it's just lovely! Sarah... supper funny... I never win anything either.... & I won my new bloggy design too!

    I'm putting a little thank you post up tomorrow for the designer, love it if you popped over!

    P/S the main header pic is SO great.

  2. Looks fantastic! Congrats on winning!!! You are lucky. Man, I'd love to win a lil make over for my place. Good work!

  3. This looks awesome Sarah! Great job Branson.

  4. I had so much fun working with you, too!! And I would not have been creeped out, but that made me laugh!!

  5. This is sooo beautiful! I LOVE the design! =) Fantastic job Branson!

  6. Sarah! WOW! I have been out of it for a few days and came back to such a beautiful surprise! WOW! I cannot wait to get my new computer set for photo uploading and editing so I can check out all your cool links and ideas. You are so inspiring.

  7. Keep up the good posts. Great work! You are so generous! I just love finding beautiful and artistic freebies like this.