Sunday, May 20, 2012


To celebrate doing these assignemnt for 52 weeks, we are taking a look back this week.  I just scrolled through all of the assignments we've done.  It was so fun!  What have you learned in the past year photography wise?
I got my first DSLR a little over a year ago and got bit by the photography bug right then and there.   I have made some decent progress, but still have lots to learn.  I've taken a few classes, can comfortably shoot in manual, and have developed some editing skills (thank you, Edit Me!).  I'm still trying to find my "style," but I'm much closer than I was a year ago.  Enough about me, though, I would love to hear more about YOUR progress!
Please check back for late entries and feel free to join in and send them to!  Even if you haven't followed along the entire time, feel free to start now by taking a look back.
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And now for our photos from one year ago (or so). . .



Melanie from Happy Jax:


Sarah (me):
. . .and you can check out some really old photos on my kids' old blog/baby book. Miles and Stella wrote it, (wink wink) but they started to get all wrapped up with their social lives and pizza flavored goldfish and let it go. . . darn shame. ;)

 I feel like we've accomplished something here!  You should give yourself a pat on the back and take a couple of weeks off!  I'll be returning with more assignments after Memorial Day weekend.  Check back for assignment details!  Any ideas/themes would be greatly appreciated! xo

**special thank you to Sara and Kelly for participating in these assignments every week, or almost every week?!  Y'all know I think you're awesome!  And thank you to EVERYONE who has participated along the way.  Your photos inspire me to get better!


  1. Uhmmm... you were ALWAYS great! Such a great assignment!

    Ug. I'm scared to send you my entries... a year ago... let's just say I've grown quite a little bit, & only had a point & shoot. Though I truly believe, it's not about the camera but the heart behind it. Mooshy, but true. Lol)

    Sending ya my photos...

  2. mom of the faerie woodMay 21, 2012 at 4:29 PM

    It has been so much fun checking up on you photo nuts over the past year. Thank you for hours of enjoyment. All your photos are beautiful. Plus, I get to see a little of what's going on in a certain near and dear to me family's life!

  3. WOW, your selections here are AMAZING... I simply LOVE LOVE them.. :)) Sooo adorably darling.. ;))

  4. WOW, your selections here are AMAZING... I simply LOVE LOVE them.. :)) Sooo adorably darling.. ;))