Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The prompt this week for M4H 52 Weekly Photography project was Emotion.  Believe me, we have a very sensitive household. And I'm not just talking about the kiddos either. Yep, mom and dad are super sensitive, too.  It would be very easy to photograph some of our extremes, but I chose this series of more subtle reactions. Not only did Miles get a chocolate ice cream bar after school today as a special treat, he got to enjoy it while his little sister was napping and NOT enjoying a chocolate ice cream bar. That made it all the more special.  So, the following faces/emotions are a combination of happy/stoked/satisfied with a pinch of sugar high to boot. :)


  1. Sarah those are AMAZING! I can really see Jeff in the 2nd photo.

  2. And he shows tons of emotion. He is growing up so much.

  3. SUPER cute, Sarah! Each picture speaks over 1,000 words!

  4. These shots are just fantastic!! I love how Miles's eyes pop! And I love how stylin' he is with his glasses and the argyle sweater! You've got one handsome dude on your hands!!

    1. And an awesome mommy who just happens to be an amazing photographer to capture it all!!

  5. Thank you for the nice comments everyone! It's so fun to catch him like this.