Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Posting one of my Spring photos early for the Weekly M4H Photography Challenge.  The theme this week was Nature.
I can't believe the Magnolia trees are already blooming!


  1. love love love love!!! (and i would love to know how you processed these photos..! :)

  2. Hey Sarah :) So i don't have my email linked to my blog (i'm trying to figure out how to do it?) but i'll just give it to ya on here for now.
    {And if you can't remember how you edited the photo, don't worry about it either! I just thought if you remembered how you did it, it would be great to know..)

    1. I'll email you the deets! I wish I knew how to take a picture of my lightroom page because I always do so much tinkering it's hard to explain! I think I may have used a couple of presets though (I'll check the history) so I'll definitely send them your way!!