Thursday, March 8, 2012

Real Life: Thursday Morning, 8ish

My kids have recovered, but now I am down and out.  This is real life* on Thursday morning at 8am or so.  I need to clean the kitchen and take out the recycling.  Miles doesn't have school until this afternoon so we have time to be lazy.  I am okay with this.  I am more than okay with this.
*My goal is to capture a few photos (real photos) on a random day/time to document life.  I have crapped out on my children's blog/babybook  so I decided to do a 'real life' section to record some of our memories here.  I hope some are more exciting than this. ;)*


  1. LOVE these shots! The Teletubbies paper cracked me up! Happy Thursday Sarah!

  2. These are great!! I wanna come live at your house!